“There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.”



If you can think it, we can make it! Animated videos have been all the rage in advertising, and for good reason. They captivate the audience and make it relatively easy to get your point across. With quality aniation, the possibilities are endless.


Documentary Films have the power to improve our world, lives and collective futures. Creating a compelling documentary takes serious planning and clear direction. Jungle Films can form a vision for your film/story and execute it with care and creativity.

Educational Videos

In this age of visual learning, video is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. Whether it’s for staff training, classroom instruction, informational, or other purposes, we can create the format that best suites your project.

Television Commercials

With over 25 years of marketing experience, we know what it takes to make a great tv ad. We produce and manage every aspect, from script writing, casting, editing, etc. Our team will work with you to create the most memorable and effective tv ad for your money.

Corporate & Training Videos

Producing training videos for your staff members and new hires is a sure way to take your training to the next level. Maintain your brands image at a high level with top-notch video quality and save money in the long run.

Instructional Videos

People around the world are learning new things and gaining new skills through online videos. The beauty of instructional videos is that they can be used to take seemingly complex tasks and break them down to simpler forms for your audience.

Interview Videos

Details REALLY matter. That’s why we put in the extra time and care in the planning process to make sure that our projects are well executed. From the research, set, question delivery, tone, length; it’s important to us to get it right.

Live Event Videos

Live streaming has become a HUGE part of the social media experience. Whether it’s smaller scale social media coverage, or a multi-camera full production, we can highlight your event and broadcast it to the world. Viewers will be brought right into the experience.

Testimonial Videos

Hearing how great your company is, means much more when it’s coming from a trusted third party source. Testimonial videos should present your brand in the best light possible, and showcase just how much you care about your work. Let your clients brag for you.

Speaker Videos

If you're a public speaker, there's one important element you must have in your arsenal, a speaker video. Whether you're an author, sales trainer, motivational speaker or a preacher; you need high quality video of yourself that embodies your best stuff. That's where we come in!

Trade Show Videos

It's not enough just to show up! Even at the most packed trade show, your booth or table can be the center of attention with the right preparation. It’s bigger than just background noise and visuals. The right message conveyed through video can set you head and shoulders above your competition.

Ministry & Non-Profit Videos

Need to get your organization out there? We want to help tell your story. Having worked with dozens of different ministries and non-profit organizations, we strive to capture your passion and purpose on screen. Let people step into the world of your work.

Social Media Videos

Snapchat and Facebook have over 20 billion video views each day. Millennials are trading their TV's for hand held media. In less than a decade, this group alone will represent over 70% of the global work force. If you're looking to reach the 18-34 demo, social media is it!

Sales & Product Demo Videos

Want to highlight your product? We carefully craft and produce videos that will draw your audience in and maximize your sales. We care about the details that make your product better than the rest, and showcase that.

Aerial & Timelapse Video

Take your video to new heights with awe-inspiring aerial footage! There are so many ways to utilize drone videography and take your project to the next level. Use a time-lapse to capture the motion and traffic at your event or facility.

“No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”


“A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.”


Jungle Films is a video production team dedicated to producing extraordinary content. Video is undeniably one of the most important aspects of promotional material today. Our team is made up of seasoned marketing and creative professionals that are committed to producing with purpose. More than just beautiful images (which we do capture), we care about marketing effectively and your bottom line.

Whether it’s a television commercial, documentary, sales training, client testimonial, instructional video, or ministry promo, we can make your idea come to life, from start to finish. No matter your goal, we’ll work with your organization on the storyboarding, planning, and execution of your idea; we’ll be there every step of the way.

The Jungle Films team is ferociously passionate about the why, not just the how. We’re excited to help you tell your story!

“Photography is Truth. The Cinema is Truth Twenty-four Times Per Second.”